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How Zip Code Can Effect The Value Of Your Home
If you're thinking of making a move soon, maybe even purchasing a new home, taking a look a Lafayette area zip codes arranged by household income might help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Taking a look at zip code information before you start getting your heart set on houses perusing real estate sites can be a good idea for a few reasons.

Obviously, your address, as well as your zip code, has an effect on your home's value. Exactly how it affects the value can usually be attributed to a few different factors.

Each zip code within a city has a ton of information attached to it. Stats on crime, education, how close a house is to a hospital, quality of schools, what kind of businesses are in the area, and more are all monitored within zip codes.

All of those factors have a huge impact on the value of a home, arguably a bigger impact than the native value of the home itself.

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Maybe you're not looking for a hoity-toity zip code, or maybe you're not concerned with school districts, hospitals, or things like that.

If so, using zip code information could help you find a really great deal while getting a whole lot of house for the price.

Wealthiest Zip Codes in Lafayette Area Ranked

Below are the wealthiest zip codes in the city of Lafayette and surrounding areas from zipdata.com based on "Adjusted Gross Income" and "Median Household Income".

You can find more at zipdata.com.

1. 70508 - Lafayette (AGI) $10,3870 (MHI) $71,684

2. 70503 - Lafayette (AGI) $100,220 (MHI) $71,882

3. 70518 - Broussard (AGI) $89,480 (MHI) $69,188

Broussard, LA 70518
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4. 70592 - Youngsville (AGI) $77,890 (MHI) $77,463

5. 70563 - New Iberia (AGI) $73,020 (MHI) $65,091

6. 70555 - Maurice - (AGI) $66,740 (MHI) $64,912

7. 70584 - Sunset (AGI) $65,300 (MHI) $44,472

Sunset, LA 70584
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8. 70520 - Carencro (AGI) $61,700 (MHI) $46,885

9.70542 - Gueydan (AGI) $61,680 (MHI) $64,342

If you're looking for your zip code but don't see it, you can find more HERE.

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