If you watched the Netflix series "Tiger King" you know all about Joe Exotic's love life.

You know that the "Tiger King" married two of his boyfriends, at the same time, and that his wedding was a SHOW!

Well, now we have a "behind the scenes" look at what it took to produce his wedding day and as you may imagine, it is WILD. And yes, exotic animals were on the guest list.

In 2014 Joe Exotic married John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a ceremony which was witnessed by family and friends, and while this was part of the series on Netflix there are many parts to Joe Exotic's big day that we did not see.

This civil marriage did not last and Joe Exotic is now serving a 22-year sentence for attempting to have arch-rival Carole Baskin murdered.

He has since re-married and is currently married to Dillon Passage.



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