A recent survey has yet again condemned a legendary Halloween candy as 'the worst.'

It's a good thing that candy corn doesn't have feelings, because it might need some serious therapy at this point. Another survey has 'decided' that candy corn is the worst Halloween candy of all. I think it's safe to say that Necco wafers are the worst kind of candy, period, but it's actually in fifth place in CandyStore.com's rankings.

Candy corn knocked last year's top offender out of the number one spot, circus peanuts. I still say they're not as awful as Necco wafers, but I guess some people really like the taste of discs made out of those small pieces of used chalk your teachers always left in the chalkboard tray. I personally don't hate candy corn as much as some. I think most people are indifferent to it to the point of either never buying it themselves. If they get it in their bucket on Halloween night or find it in a candy dish at someone's house, I bet they toss back at least a few kernels.

We can all at least agree that the process used to make candy corn is not at all what you'd expect. Check it out below as well as a video showing you how to infuse vodka with candy corn flavor. As I always say, vodka makes everything better, even candy corn!

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