Drew and Brittany Brees have made a lot of memories during his 15-year career in New Orleans.

Brees recently made his retirement announcement after playing 20 years in the NFL, and before taking off into retirement he hit the town with his wife to relive some of their best moments since arriving in New Orleans back in 2005.

Being that he is such a creature of habit, the Brees' kicked off their day with a bite at the first restaurant they ate at upon their arrival to New Orleans. After all these years, you can tell Drago's is still a Brees favorite.

After eating, Drew and Brittany hit up Lucy's in the warehouse district to tell the epic story behind the pre-game huddle chant from the Super Bowl year. I'll let you hear the story for yourself because it's guaranteed to give any Saints fan chills.

It was pretty amazing to see Drew literally driving through New Orleans (you could tell by how bumpy the ride was, lol) and one of my favorite parts of this video was seeing the exact spot that I've heard about in a story that has been told hundreds of times.


When Sean Payton was driving Brees and his wife around, they took a wrong turn and ended up getting lost in the midst of a ton of damage and debris from Katrina. Drew actually points out where a tugboat was blocking traffic, as well as their ability to even turn around.

While that would have been enough to make anyone second guess bringing their family to a city with those types of conditions, it was actually the moment that Drew says he and Brittany knew that they were meant to be in New Orleans.

Perhaps the one thing that shocked me most about their video was when Drew admitted that although he has thrown hundreds of touchdowns inside of a house that we felt like he (re)built, he's actually never really walked around the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Check out that moment as well as the entire video to soak up the feels. Like Drew said, "this is not goodbye, but rather a new beginning."

I don't know about y'all, but I'm already enjoying the next chapter.

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