Cher was caught on video, singing to an elephant she helped save from captivity.

Cher, the world-renowned singer and battleship gun-straddler, is helping to save a pachyderm dubbed the "World's Loneliest Elephant". The elephant, Kaavan, was being held captive at a zoo in Pakistan. Watch as she sings to Kaavan.

Cher has been working to have Kaavan freed from the Pakistani Zoo (which has since been closed due to poor conditions) for a few years now, and her efforts have finally paid off. Kaavan is headed to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia where he will live in an area more like his natural habitat. Though he will still be "captive", his new digs will be a "huge jungle enclosure, where most of his food will be provided naturally", according to CNN.

Kudos to Cher for using her fame and wealth for good!

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