Last month, Camila Cabello gave a moving speech addressed to president Trump and Congress about the importance of Dreamers during the 60th annual Grammy Awards. While the words themselves were immensely powerful, the internet, being the internet, grasped onto the reaction of one audience member: Blue Ivy.

As the "Havana" singer wrapped up her speech, the camera panned to the six-year-old daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce, sitting between her parents. As they begin to clap, she first pushes down her mom's hands before giving her dad the "calm down" hand gesture.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1 on Monday (February 19), the former Fifth Harmony member gave her take on the situation.

“I had a moment of insecurity… I was like what does that mean? I’m not gonna go into this wormhole of ‘do you think she didn’t like my speech?,'" Cabello said.

Radio show host Grimmy interpreted the "shush" much differently, saying he believes Blue Ivy did it to let her parents know their applause was interrupting the pop star, who wasn't done talking yet. Cabello felt much better with that scenario, admitting she thinks the little girl would like her because kids usually love her.

Watch the adorable interview below.

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