As we are getting ever closer to Halloween night, some people might be looking for a place to be scared out of their wits! Others may just want to have some Halloween fun.

There are several places and events throughout Acadiana that can offer you various types of Halloween experiences.

Want to Be Really Scared? 

Fright Trail in Scott is a wooded attraction where patrons can get "scare after scare". It's a trail full of all of the scary things about Halloween. The attraction is recommended for people 8 and older, and if children are younger than 10 they must have an adult with them.

This place in Scott is not playing. People will jump out at you, it's in a wooded area, and you could get so freaked out that you will want to run out of the place.

Fright Trail is open Friday and Saturday nights in October. Then they will have two special event nights, Sunday, October 30, and Monday, October 31. It's called 'Lights Out, Flashlights Nights.'

Frightmare on Main Street
Frightmare on Main Street Facebook Page

Frightmare on Main Street in New Iberia is held in an old house at a corner on Main Street. From their website, "We are dedicated to one purpose and that is to make you scream like a child, no matter how old you are. Beware what is lurking in the dark corners." Hey, it looks haunted, and I am betting you're going to be frightened right out of your shoes!

Organizers say this New Iberia attraction is the perfect scary setting for anyone who wants to be frightened out of their wits. They are open on Friday and Saturday nights in October, and they will be open on Sunday, October 30.

Want to Go to a Place Where People Have Seen Ghosts?

T'Frere's House Bed & Breakfast
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If you want to visit a place in Lafayette where people have had encounters with ghosts, you need to visit T'Frere's. According to Christine Wood's Book, "Ghosts Along the Bayou", you will hear the story of a little girl who is said to haunt the place after a tragedy. She is not the only spirit there! You will get chills when you visit this place.

The Egan Hotel and the Grand Opera House of the South in Crowley are beautiful locations, and the descriptions of things that have happened over the years continue to be discussed.

Grand Opera House of the South
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You should ask about what happened in rooms 302 and 232! Be sure to visit the Opera House and ask about the investigation. An EVP picked up the voice of a woman coming from the stage saying, "I can hear". How incredible is that?

Did You Know There Have Been Strange Happenings at a Lafayette Restaurant?

Cafe' Vermilionville
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If you have ever been to Cafe' Vermilionville then you know the food is incredible. Also incredible? All of the strange things that have happened or have been witnessed on this property over the years! Lafayette Travel says there have been bottles that have flown from walls, and people have seen someone from the past. It's worth a trip for the food and to ask questions about its history.

Did You Know about the Opelousas Bridge That Is Haunted?

According to an article by realtors Latter and Blum, there is a bridge in Opelousas that apparently is haunted! Charles Burr Lane Bridge is said by some to be haunted. Some say they would see the man walking on the bridge while others have claimed that they could feel his presence in their backseat! Creepy!

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