It never seems to fail — where there’s a twinge of desperation, a nearby Walmart, and just enough faith in a reckless gamble to go over the wall, the derelict sideshow and dumb circus is there.

Apparently, one man from New York does not intend to change that.

According to a police report, a 24-year-old man was run over and seriously injured by his own getaway vehicle after attempting to hold up a Walmart in Northern Virginia.

Police say the attempted robbery got off to a shaky start after employees figured out what the crook was up to, and then shook him down like a rotten sack of potatoes right there in the middle of the store.

After somewhat of a vicious struggle, store employees ended up regaining possession of all the items the man tried to jack — including a pair of blue jeans and some earbuds.

Things took a turn for the worse once culprit decided to flee.

After making it outside to the parking lot, the man jumped into a 1994 Ford F150 where he sped off with an older man who was asleep in the passenger seat.

Evidently, a Ford truck is not an appropriate getaway vehicle, since shortly after gaining a little speed, the truck’s muffler “dislodged” and left the two men stranded in the parking lot behind the store.

The report claims the driver then got out to see if he could fix the busted muffler before making a second attempt at a getaway. When he did, the other man accidentally ran him over while he was trying to pull the truck forward a little.

Although the man was injured, he did manage to fix the muffler, get back into the truck, and even drive it for a while before having to call for an emergency rescue unit to take him to the hospital — where he remains in serious condition.

Incidentally, Walmart declined to prosecute the man.


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