It can be tough to enjoy the workday. Things get repetitive, boring, and often times not very fun. These Wal Mart employees found a way to have some fun by doing a little dancing near the deli and the video has gone viral.

Twitter via @TyrenRobinson4
Twitter via @TyrenRobinson4

Say what you will about Wal Mart. It is always hectic. There are never enough cashiers at the checkout. The customers can sometimes get a little irate.

I can't argue with any of this, because they are all things that I have personally experienced inside of a Wal Mart. But this right here? Employees doing "The Wobble" near the entrance of the store? That I have never in my life experienced. But shoppers at this particular Wal Mart got to experience it first-hand on one magical day.

See the video shared to Twitter by @barstoolsports via @TyrenRobinson4 below.

Where do I start with this one. It has to be the jeans. THE JEANS. THE 'JNCO' JEANS!

'JNCO' was a popular clothing brand from the 90's who's bread and butter was these wide bottomed jeans that had cuts measuring 50-60 inches around the feet. Why were they so popular? I really can't tell you, it was the 90's. I am a child of the 90's but never ever would me or a member of my family be seen wearing a pair of these.

Now, back to "The Wobble" happening steps away from the bakery in Wal Mart. The guy in the jeans seems to be some sort of manager and is MC-ing the entire line dance. He is really getting into it, but unfortunately has one line in his repertoire. "Here we go!", the employee in red shouts over the mic. And you know what? His employees followed.


This seems like the most ride-or-die team of Wal Mart employees I have ever seen. Of course, there are probably lines of people waiting to be checked out. Maybe they're getting a little angry that everyone who is supposed to be helping customers is dancing. But, this is a magical moment that deserved every minute they get.

Plus, I am pretty sure these employees are on the clock. You tell me, would you rather be working or dancing while getting paid? I think I know your answer.

Every time I enter a Wal Mart from now on, I will have to make a pass near the fresh fruit and vegetables just to make sure there isn't a party going on like this one. Also, I've got to point out this hero of an older gentleman who clearly was either terribly confused or absolutely ignorant to the dancing happening right behind him.


At the end of the day, you've got to be happy where you work. These employees seem to be making the most out of another day on the job.

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