In a statement released today by Walmart, the retail giant has decided to remove all guns and ammunition from its sales floors as a precautionary move going into the Presidential election this Tuesday, November 3. Walmart made the same decision after the death of George Floyd.

Political analysts around the country and the world have warned Americans what could happen after this year's Presidential election. No matter who wins, "some people will not be happy" said one political expert on a national news outlet. And unfortunately, "we live in a society that responds in an uncivil manner when things don't go our way." Because of the tension and unrest in America at this time and the concern that violence could occur after the election, Walmart has stopped the sale of all guns and ammo nationwide.

Photo by Newsmakers)
Photo by Newsmakers)

Walmart sells firearms and ammunition in approximately half of its 4700 stores nationwide. The removal of these items from store shelves is "a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers" said Walmart executives. However, the move is only temporary. After election emotions calm, the retailer plans to return firearms and ammunition to its store shelves.

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