Walmart has announced they're making their "Live Better U (LBU)" benefit even more accessible for their employees.

Walmart Paying For Employee's College Tuition

Tuesday (07/27/21) Walmart senior vice president of learning and leadership Lorraine Stomski announced an upcoming change to the company's "Live Better U (LBU)" education program.

Stomski says Walmart "will drop a previous $1 a day fee paid by Walmart and Sam's Club workers" participating in the "Live Better U (LBU)" program. Walmart will now also pay for books in addition to 100% of an employee's college tuition.

Walmart's "Live Better U (LBU)" started in 2018.

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Stomski tells "We feel that eliminating the dollar a day investment removes the financial barriers to enrollment, and it will increase access".

Employees must remain employed by Walmart or Sam's Club in either a part-time or full-time capacity while participating in the program.

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