Competition to get a job is almost as intense as competition on the job.

A woman who works at a Walmart in Oshkosh, Wisconsin has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide after shooting a coworker last month while the store was open because she was upset the victim was moved to the liquor department.

A lawyer in the district attorney’s office said, “There’s evidence that the defendant was upset that the victim got a position in the liquor store, an easier cash register.”

After Justine Boyd, 46, allegedly shot 56-year-old Sharon Goffard, she returned to her register and kept working. Police soon arrived on the scene and arrested Boyd. Goffard remains in critical condition.

Goffard’s boyfriend told authorities she had recently told him Boyd was angry Goffard was given a new position in the liquor department and Boyd’s own husband said his wife had recently asked him how many times you need to shoot someone to kill him or her.

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