Police in Wichita Falls, Texas were called to remove a woman from a local Walmart parking lot last week, after she had been drinking in the parking lot for hours.

According to The Wichita Falls Times, Walmart employees called police after the woman had been driving around the parking lot on an electric cart, while drinking wine from a Pringles can. According to investigators, the woman was approached by police about 9am, after she had been riding around the parking lot since 6:30am. The cart she had been using belonged to Walmart, and is a cart traditionally reserved for shoppers with special needs.

According to the Times report:

"When officers arrived, they found the woman in a nearby restaurant, at which point she was notified that she had been barred from the Walmart location."

There was nothing included in the reports about where the woman got the wine, or what flavor Pringles can was being used.

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