I think it is safe to say that I have heard more complaints about driving in Louisiana than really any other state.

Living here my whole life I have heard countless complaints about the roads here in Louisiana. I have also heard people complain about our driving capabilities, the traffic, and well the anger that we sometimes have while driving in this great state of Louisiana. Now, before I get a bunch of angry emails, please note that these are all things I have heard from people living in and outside of this state.

So with that being said when I saw WalletHub’s recent survey of 2022’s Best and Worst Cities to Drive In and I immediately wondered if any of Louisiana’s cities made the list. And I am here to tell you that yes, a couple of Louisiana cities did make the list.

Source: WalletHub

Here are the 10 best cities to drive in:

1. Raleigh, NC
2. Plano, TX
3. Corpus Christi, TX
4. Greensboro, NC
5. Winston-Salem, NC
6. Lincoln, NE
7. Jacksonville, FL
8. Arlington, TX
9. Garland, TX
10. Orlando, FL

Here are the 10 worst cities to drive in:

91. Los Angeles, CA
92. Seattle, WA
93. Baltimore, MD
94. Washington, DC
95. New York, NY
96. Chicago, IL
97. San Francisco, CA
98. Oakland, CA
99. Detroit, MI
100. Philadelphia, PA

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Louisiana didn’t make the top 10 or the bottom 10 but we did make the list. Baton Rouge, La landed at number 64, and New Orleans, La came in at number 88.

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