Waitr, the Lafayette-based food delivery company we have all grown to love is teaming up with Flow Payments to sell and deliver legal marijuana. This partnership will create  a way to facilitate the sale and delivery of cannabis, while abiding by all federal and state guidelines.

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According to Street Insider, the managing partner of Flow Payments, Brett Husak, said they are very excited to partner with Waitr and look forward to helping them navigate the complexities of payment processing.

Building a statutorily compliant delivery and payment solution in the cannabis space is the primary goal of a joint venture and we strongly believe it will create immense value for any dispensary looking to increase their revenue, while operating within the applicable guidelines. - Brett Husak, Flow Payments

Leafly, a cannabis website, says that there are 12 states that allow medical marijuana products to be delivered and 6 states allow delivery of recreational products. Florida is the only state where Waitr operates that currently allows marijuana delivery.

According to The Advocate, officials said the partnership will help dispensaries who want to bring in more money, while operating within legal guidelines.

As the regulatory framework around the cannabis industry within the United States continues to evolve, we see this as a natural step in our own evolution and ability to continue bringing value to our shareholders. - Carl Grimstad, Waitr CEO

Hello 2021. The days of calling your guy or going to a licensed store for the dispensary are gone. You can now open an app and have your cannabis delivered right to your door.


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