Waitr has announced they are rebranding and changing its name to ASAP. The name change also means the app will begin delivering much more than just food.

Waitr, Facebook
Waitr, Facebook

Waitr App Changing Name To ASAP

Waitr announced today (07/11/22) that they're changing the company's name to ASAP.

According to KLFY, Waitr's rebranding announcement follows the recent partnership with "two software logistics delivery providers, Elite Extra and Burq."

The new partnership is allowing Waitr to expand the types of goods offered for delivery.

With the new partnership, ASAP's vision is to ultimately offer delivery for anything and offer it same-day.

From KLFY.com -

"Carl Grimstad, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Waitr says the rebranding focuses on the future direction of our company in which you can get everything. 'Our vision is delivering ‘anything’ to consumers, same day, from any type of business. With ASAP, we will bring our best-in-class food delivery services to a broader range of products.'"


Not only will customers be able to have food delivered, but ASAP will offer delivery of beer, liquor, clothes, auto parts, sporting goods, luxury, and more.

Not completely sure what falls under the "luxury" umbrella, but we'll let you know when we find out.

Eagle-eyed Waitr users might have noticed a slight change to the company's logo recently which incorporates ASAP.


Waitr was founded by Chris Meaux as a project while attending McNeese State University.

According to Wikipedia, "in 2018, the company was acquired through a $308 million reverse takeover by Tilman Fertitta's Lancadia holdings."

Read more at KLFY.com.

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