Video of an incident in the French Quarter of New Orleans has gone viral on social media, with a sword-wielding woman waving a blade around a crowd of people. The person who posted the video nick-named the woman "Katana Karen" after witnessing her behavior.

Instagram via @erikmsanchez
Instagram via @erickmsanchez

According to the post that is below, the incident took place in the French Quarter and a quick search using context clues told me that it all happened down Rue Royal. The woman holding the sword, who is referred to in the post as #KatanaKaren, shouts at others on the street for apparently, "Picking a fight with the wrong b*%$#".


As the woman explains her frustrations she tells the crowd, "I think you all were mouthing and thought there would be no consequences to your mouthing off".


The attitude continues as the woman says, "Well guess what m***** f*******? I live here, I work here, I ain't scared of nobody".


"You wanna get poked?", she asks the women across from her.


As the women being addressed attempt to explain themselves, the woman with the sword calls them, "sweaty b*****" and continues addressing the crowd.


After pointing the sword towards another person, the woman finally proceeds to put the sword away.


Video Of Woman With Sword In New Orleans

Now that you have gotten the breakdown, check out the entire incident posted to Instagram by @erickmsanchez below.

*** Warning - NSFW language is used in this video ***

You really never know what you will see down in the Big Easy, where things seem to be getting more interesting by the minute. Let's hope that #KatanaKaren along with everyone else involved in the incident was able to get home safe and sound.

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