It saddens me, sometimes, when I hear of how uncivilized some people are in this so-called "civilized" world: this puppy was used as a "bait" dog in a dog fighting operation.

Vinnie Van Gogh, as he is called, is a pitbull puppy who was found badly mauled, with severe lacerations to his front legs and his head.  One of Vinnie's ears had actually been torn off.

This is a very heartwarming video of Vinnie's journey back to health.  There are some images at the beginning of the video are graphic, but they serve to show the horrors that dog fighting creates.

My heart swelled when the words that says "VINNIE GOT HIMSELF A HOME!" appeared on the screen.  What a wonderful ending to a horrible story.

And for those who participate in dog fighting, just because you were brought up participating in a certain activity doesn't mean that it's right.  We have it in each of us to break the chain of cruelty, regardless of how long it has been a 'family tradition'.

If you suspect someone of mistreating animals, whether it be by fighting them, neglect, abuse or theft-for-profit, please report them to your local authorities or to the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


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