I was a bit of a 'scaredy-cat' when I was a kid: I didn't like being in the dark, didn't care much for being away from home, and I really hated vacations (we had a Volkswagen, and with 8 kids, we couldn't all fit INSIDE the car, but come to think about it, the view from up there was pretty good).

There were a few programs on television featuring characters that scared the heebiejeebusses out of me, one even scaring me into blaming the wet carpet on the dog.

Okay, don't laugh, but one of them was Billy Clyde Tuggle (played by actor Matthew Cowles).   He was the guy on All My Children who attacked and buried Estelle (alive!).   He ended up falling to his death from a ledge or a cliff or a building during a struggle with Tad Martin.

The next one was Butch, from Our Gang fame.  He was a bully.  The first (of a long line) of bullies in my life (CJ being the latest!! HA!!).

The next one isn't really one, it's a group of 'em.  Hundreds, maybe a kajillion of 'em.  It's those danged flyin' monkeys from Wizard of Oz!!  UGH!!  I hated them more than the Wicked Witch herself!


And then there's the worst one of them all.  The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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