Stop me if you've heard this one before, but I think the NFL may have it out for the Saints.

Over the weekend the Saints were handed a severe punishment from the National Football League surrounding their maskless locker room celebration after beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-3 in Week 9.

One fan on Twitter pointed out at least four other NFL teams that have celebrated wins in their locker rooms with no masks this season but weren't fined or stripped of draft picks.

An NFL league source did specify that "the video or the dancing itself wasn't the issue" and that "other teams have been disciplined" but this does nothing to help the league when it comes to the long-standing narrative that Roger Goodell and the NFL simply have it out for the Saints.

That source also cited the fact that the Saints had "previous violations and was provided ample warning that further actions would result in escalated discipline."

I'm sure a deep dive into each of the teams seen in the video above would probably yield previous violations—most recently the Denver Broncos, whose COVID woes made headlines over the weekend in their game against none other than the New Orleans Saints.

While we may not see discipline for the teams that were specifically featured in that tweet, the Ravens and Broncos are reportedly on the hot seat for their recent COVID-19 protocol violations, but I'm quite certain that will have no effect when it comes to changing the mind of any Saints fans who are simply convinced that the NFL has it out for their Saints.

And honestly, I can't blame them. But on we march.


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