The stories continue to come out regarding the beating of a man in Las Vegas over the weekend, allegedly at the hands of New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara and his associates.

Kamara was arrested on Sunday and booked into the Clark County jail on charges of battery resulting in serious bodily injury following the assault at a Vegas nightclub.

Police say they have video that tells the whole story. But until that video is released, the public can only go off of what are in the reports.

At any rate, one man, Darnell "SquirtBuck" Greene suffered extensive injuries following the alleged beating by Kamara and several members of his crew outside of an elevator of the Drais hotel. It's reported that Greene suffered an orbital fracture to his right eye, among other injuries.

Greene took to social media and has shared a photo of what he looked like after the attack.

The Las Vegas Police Department's Continuation Report gave a synopsis of how the incident happened.

Kamara said he was with his girlfriend Tea, his assistant Reagan, and a couple of his friends being Darrin Young and Percy Harris. While they were waiting for the elevator to open so they can leave the club, they were hanging out talking. The elevator opened and they all started to walk in. Kamara remembers Greene calling one of his friends ugly and then later said, "I'll whoop your ass too." Kamara said he saw a fight break out next to him and he saw Greene get punched. Kamara threw a couple punches, thinking the guy was running away. Kamara doesn't remember if he punched Greene while he was on the ground. It was a congested area and hard to see what was going on. I presented Kamara with photos from that night. Kamara pointed out himself, Percy, and Darrin to give us an idea who everyone was.

When asked why Kamara punched Greene, Kamara indicated he thought Greene was running away and had done something to his group so he chased and punched Greene several times. The video disputes this showing that Greene was not running away but had in fact just been punched by Kamara's associate and then Kamara immediately attacked him. 

Police say that the video evidence backs up Greene's version of the events, which is why Kamara was arrested after the Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Darnell Greene's Instagram page, where he goes by SquirtBuck, says that he is the CEO of a party-promoting management company called We Got Action Management.

Kamara's is scheduled to make his first appearance in court on March 8. Both he and the Saints organization have yet to make a public statement regarding the incident. The team and the NFL may wait for the legal process to play out before determining if Kamara will face a fine or suspension.

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