Animal Aid for the Vermilion Area (AAVA) will be selling chili in Magdalen Square during Abbeville Farmer's Market on November 18.

Chili, hot dogs, chili dogs, Fritos corn chips, Fritos pie, soft drinks, and water will be served up on Saturday to benefit AAVA, whose mission is to rescue as many animals as possible from the Vermilion Parish Animal Control Facility (dog pound).

The Vermilion Parish facility is different from many other parish facilities in that this pound is strictly about animal and rabies control, and it does not have an adoption program to the public. What this means is that pets not claimed by their owners (or a rescue organization) within 4 days will be euthanized.

In accordance with an agreement between Vermilion Parish Animal Control and Animal Aid for Vermilion Area (AAVA), pets can be "pulled" from the facility by 501(c)3 organizations. The lives of the pets not reclaimed by their owners depend solely upon animal welfare groups. If you are with a rescue group, please consider helping save these pets: AAVA simply cannot handle the situation alone.

Many more pets would be housed in other pounds with the same number of kennels but this facility is under an older court order forbidding it from overcrowding: one dog per cage. This makes it even more urgent to pull pets from the facility.

Join AAVA on the 18th for great chili with all the fixings to help raise money to save these animals, or click here to donate now.

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