Police in Kaplan need your help. They are looking for answers as to who was behind the wheel of a vehicle that crashed into Holy Rosary Cemetery early Saturday morning and damaged several grave sites.

According to a report from KLFY TV 10, Kaplan Police Chief Joshua Hardy explained what happened shortly after 2 am Saturday.

A vehicle was traveling at a high rate speed down American Legion Road. [The driver] went off to the right, over-corrected and the vehicle spun out of control, crashing into some graves.

The vehicle was abandoned in the cemetery and when police ran the registration information they discovered that the owner of the vehicle had reported it stolen. That prompted this plea from Kaplan Police via Social Media.

Father Mark Miley of Holy Rosary Catholic Church says the cleanup and repairs to the damaged grave sites is already underway.

We've started making temporary repairs and we're going to make further repairs Monday morning. We're going to do everything to ensure the integrity of the graves and re-bless them and do the things we can for the deceased and for their families

Father Miley's comments were made to KLFY reporter  Rebeca Marroquin. As of now, no suspects are in custody, however, the investigation into the incident continues.

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