When it comes to shopping for a woman on Valentine’s Day, the answer isn’t the usual “chocolate and flowers” route, but rather, something that feels personal and intimate. Here are some suggestions that will make everyone happier in the long run.

5) Beauty stuff


Few women can resist the wonders of a free massage, manicure, or pedicure, but if your girlfriend/wife isn’t that frou-frou, how about a gift certificate to the salon where she gets purple streaks put in her hair? Or a Sephora gift card for her favorite black eyeliner? Figure out how your lady normally pampers herself (every woman has something she does), and then find a way to pay for it for her.

4) Personalized “Why I Love You” Book


Love Book Online

 Love Book Online is a charming service that lets you create a literal book of love. At their site, you can pick and choose from a ton of adorable reasons why you love your lady, add in a few of your own customized reasons, and then you just sit back and wait for them to bind and send you your very own book!

3) Clothing



 This gift requires a bit of pre-planning, so get ready, because you’re not just picking a random shirt, but rather, figuring out her style. For a week, write down every single item that your lady wears, and start looking for patterns. Pay attention.

  • Does she like to wear a lot of black?
  • Does she layer a thin shirt under a cardigan?
  • Does she only wear jeans, or does she only wear skirts with boots?

Once you feel like you have a sense, go to a store that’s chock-full of options, like H&M or Target, and start looking. Bring a friend of hers if you wish. Pick out a couple of items that fit into what her style is, and when she’s opening them, explain exactly why you picked each one. Regardless of how she feels about the actual clothing, she’ll love that you’re paying attention.

2) Cook for her


Real SImple


A lot of men are great cooks, but a lot of men aren’t. Maybe this Valentine’s Day, instead of throwing yourself into that semi-fancy restaurant with everyone else, make her a delicious dinner at home. The Real Simple's Best Recipes and Will Cook for Sex cookbooks feature easy recipes that you can use to make something other than spaghetti. Oh, and do the dishes afterwords or else it doesn’t count!

1) Tickets to that thing that she loves

Grease Sing-Along

The Old Spice guy had it right -- we love tickets to things we love. Find out if her favorite band, favorite play, or that movie we’re excited about is playing any time soon, and buy the tickets ahead of time. If the tickets are for a thing that we enjoy more than you, you get bonus points!

-- Contributed by Emily Gordon

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