The experts have spoken and the list of things you should NOT get a co-worker for Christmas is now complete.  Here are the Top 5.

Never buy anything that involves religion.  Religion and politics will usually get you into trouble every time.  Don't do it.

The Gods of workplace Christmas say never spend your hard earned money on perfume or cologne for a co-worker.  That person may assume you think they smell bad.

The third thing on the list is something used.  Not sure why anyone would buy something used for a co-worker but just in case you were thinking about it, the experts think it would be a bad idea.  It is okay to re-gift however, but only if the item is in it's original unopened package.

Next is any self-help book.  No explanation needed.

And the number one thing you should never buy a co-worker is lingerie.  Guys, if it crosses your mind, shake it off.  Don't do it.  Not even a gift card to a place that might be taken as inappropriate.

These days people get offended over the smallest stuff.  May be a good idea to simply wish everyone seasons greetings and stop right there.

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