Around my house, we like Justin's Peanut Butter and Justin's Almond Butter products.  These cost more than other brands, but my daughter Brittni and I are trying to eat healthier, so it's worth it.  We've tried the Classic Peanut Butter,  Classic Almond Butter, Vanilla Almond Butter and most recently, the Maple Almond Butter.  The other day, all we had in the pantry was Justin's Classic Almond Butter and I was really wanting a Vanilla Almond Butter sandwich.  Since I already had the almond butter, I thought all I needed was to add a little vanilla extract to it and it would taste the same.!

So why didn't this work?  I added a small amount of vanilla extract to unflavored Classic Almond Butter.  Shouldn't this taste the same as the store bought Vanilla Almond Butter spread?  After all, I was using the exact same name brand of almond butter.  Just adding my own vanilla flavoring.  It was awful.  So what did I do wrong?



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