Ever had an Amazon package show up at your house addressed to you but you never ordered it? It could be what's called a "Brushing Scam" and it seems to be on the rise in Acadiana.

Amazon Packages
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Mysterious Amazon Packages Being Delivered

Looking on social media over the past few months, more and more people are talking about Amazon packages showing up at their door they never ordered.

Everything from electric toothbrushes to Bluetooth speakers, to clothes and everything in-between, are mysteriously being delivered to people, even with their name on the package.

However, when they check their Amazon and bank accounts, there are no records of any purchases.

Is it Santa?

Unfortunately no, but it is something called a brushing scam and you need to be aware of it.

What Are Amazon Brushing Scams?

From Lifelock.com -

"Companies, often based in foreign countries, are always on the hunt for positive online reviews. Brushing scams help them generate these reviews, even though they're fake."

Do you remember back in 2020 when people all over the U.S. started receiving packages of seeds from China and had no clue why?

Eventually, it was uncovered the seeds were part of a brushing scam that allowed the company to leave verified purchaser reviews for the seeds.

Better reviews lead to better sales.

In order to review a product on Amazon, you have to be a verified buyer in order to leave a review.

As Lifelock.com explains "when a company sends you its product without you first ordering it, they turn you into a verified buyer. They can then post a positive review about their products online, all under your name"

Are Brushing Scams A Victimless Crime?

What's so bad about free stuff showing up at your door?

The issue is that clearly the company sending you items has obtained your address, but there's no telling how much more information they might have on you.

Clearly, that's where real trouble could start for you.

They might also have your Social Security number, bank information, or various passwords.

Can You Keep The Packages You Didn't Order?

Legally yes, you can keep whatever shows up as a result of a brushing scam, but you need to report it.

If you do find yourself caught up in a brushing scam, you're advised to check your credit card and bank statements, change your passwords to those accounts including your Amazon account, and then report it to Amazon.

Read more at Lifelock.com.

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