United Airlines has done it again. This time, they ruined a dream trip for a group of rural high school seniors. There are only 20 kids in the Morristown Central School class of 2017. Eleven of the kids began fundraising over a year ago for a senior trip to Puerto Rico this Memorial Day weekend. WWNY reports, they raised more than $20,000 and made their travel arrangements. Morristown is on the St. Lawrence river, directly across from Brockville, Ontario, Canada. On May 25th, the group departed at 1 am for Hancock International Airport in Syracuse. When they arrived at 4am, the flight had been cancelled. Airline personnel suggested they drive to Newark, NJ to catch their connecting flight. They rented 4 cars, and drove 240 miles to Newark, to learn their seats had been given away. They returned to Syracuse, and made the best of a bad situation, attending a local amusement park. The Watertown Daily Times reports, the airline has agreed to reimburse the group for some of their expenses. I'm a veteran of air travel into & out of the Syracuse area, planning a trip through there to the Adirondack mountains this summer. I WON'T be flying United.


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