Tweet posted by Billy Corben, an un-masked Florida man goes ballistic in Costco when asked to wear a mask.

According to the Tweet, an elderly woman asked him to put on a mask (it is Costco's policy that all occupants of any Costco MUST be masked and keep social distancing), which set the man off. When another man came to the elderly woman's defense, the interaction escalated.

Many people commenting on the Tweet pointed out the Florida man's stance, verbiage, and physical appearance (red face, fists clenched, advancing, shouting about feeling threatened), and are concerned with the welfare of his wife and children. Although these are assumptions, one must question this man's temper if it is so easily flared in public and directed toward an elderly person. Some even believe that the man may have had a concealed weapon and was trying to instigate a fight.

What are your thoughts? Should the man be arrested for assault because he advanced toward the cameraman unmasked? In addition to losing his membership, should he be banned from ANY Costco for life?

Do you mask in public? If not, why? Does it take too long to put on a mask? Do you feel claustrophobic while wearing a mask? Are you not concerned if someone else catches the coronavirus? Is it because you feel that your civil liberties are being threatened while wearing a mask? Let us know why you mask (or don't mask) in the comments below.


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