A UL student’s dream came true when he walked across the stage for graduation. Artavion Cook gives credit to a famous rapper for helping to make that happen. According to KATC, Cook found himself in a bind when TOPS was cut from state funding in 2018. Cook said he saw a tweet from his favorite artist, Nicki Minaj that changed everything.

Minaj’s tweet asked fans if they needed help covering tuition. Cook told KATC that he gave his information and she saw it. She then asked Cook to send his information to her and told him she would pay his tuition.  Can you imagine how Cook felt? Wow. Cook said about a week later, he got a message from Minaj’s assistant and within a few days he his tuition was paid for. Completely paid for.

Cook said he was able to pay his tuition on his own when TOPS was restored, but he said he will never forget what Nicki Minaj did for him.

I love to hear stories like this. When celebrities do something this generous that makes a huge impact on someone’s life it’s a really beautiful thing. What’s even crazier is that the person who did it was his favorite artist.

As a first generation college graduate, I’ve realized that what you may perceive as lacking is really your super power. Knowing that what I do has meaning, that it ripples throughout my family and beyond, is part of what makes me strive to do even more. - Artavion Cook Facebook

This is the kind of thing social media wins on. If it wouldn’t be for that tweet this never would have happened for Cook. He plans on applying for medical school next summer. We wish him the very best.

Frazer Harrison,Getty Images
Frazer Harrison,Getty Images

Nicki Minaj might get some bad rap every now and then, but this makes up for it.

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