Believe it or not, it’s been 20 years since U2 released its landmark album ‘Achtung Baby’ — and the band is preparing to celebrate with a newly expanded version.

The band isn’t stopping its vault-purging there, either – Rolling Stone reports that there are also plans for a deluxe edition of U2′s ‘Achtung’ follow-up, ‘Zooropa,’ all part of a wider campaign that will see the songs repackaged in a number of formats.

Band manager Paul McGuiness, quoted in the article, says “There will be multiple formats. If you pile a lot of extra material and packaging and design work into a super-duper box set, there are people who will pay quite a lot for it, so you can budget it at a very high level and pump up the value.”

Longtime fans might balk at the apparently rather crass motivation behind these plans, but there’s no denying that the band is taking it seriously; they’ve been featuring plenty of ‘Achtung’ material in their recent set lists, and they reportedly filmed a retrospective documentary about the album with Davis Guggenheim (‘It Might Get Loud’), so it seems safe to expect a healthy amount of pumped-up value for your expanded ‘Achtung’ dollar.

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