Every year, various organizations make lists of the best and the worst, and for the most part, Louisiana ends up worst on the best lists and best on the worst lists. The most recent list by U.S. News was no different. It ranked all 50 states based on a variety of topics including health care, education, economy, quality of life and more. As you've come to expect, Louisiana ranks near the bottom in virtually all factors, with quality of life at 42 being the best ranking for the state.

That got us to thinking, 'we can't be all that bad, right?' Then the Tree of Inspiration dropped the topic 'Reasons Why They're Wrong' in our laps and we decided to highlight some of the many ways we far surpass our fellow states.

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    Sure, we have our share of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, but you can be assured you will not experience an earthquake of any magnitude. A recent map released by the USGS shows that Louisiana is in a very low probability region for earthquakes as compared to the west coast, middle America and the New England states.

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    No offense to other states in the country, but it's hard to match the culture and diversity that can be found in Louisiana. From the festivals to the music and more, you can experience a wide range of cultures all within a 4 hour drive from any point in the state. Louisiana is also home to one of the biggest free international festivals in the world, Festival International.

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    Need we say more? From Creole to Cajun, the flavors of French, Caribbean and African cultures merge into a giant gumbo pot of deliciousness. We also celebrate food like no other, from tamales in Zwolle to frogs in Rayne, rice in Crowley, crawfish in Breaux Bridge, to fried chicken and po-boys in New Orleans. New festivals are popping up every year including the Plate Lunch Festival and King Cake festival. You can get amazing foods at restaurants as well as gas stations and your neighbor's house. Food is an integral part of our state and it's something we do VERY well.

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    As bad of drivers as we can be during good road conditions, it gets exponentially worse once the temperature drops. Fortunately, we have relatively few days in which icy/snowy road conditions affect the state. Sure, we miss the ability to make a snowman that doesn't end up being a mudman, but not having to own chains, special tires and emergency kits in case you get stranded in a snow drift more than make up for the wintery precipitation that wreaks havoc elsewhere.

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    From Jazz and Blues to Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop and more, our diversity matches our intense focus on food. From national recording artists including Sammy Kershaw, Harry Connick Jr., Branford Marsalis and more to regional artists that you can check out in venues across the state, there's never a quiet moment in Louisiana night life.

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    Mardi Gras

    Other parts of the country get Presidents Day off, we get a party that lasts for weeks and takes over the entire state until Ash Wednesday. Whether you head to Church Point for a traditional chicken run or head to the parades that take place in communities big and small, everyone has their own way to celebrate the annual party that surpasses all others.

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    Sportsman's Paradise

    If you hunt or fish, there's no better place than Louisiana to do whatever your heart desires. It's so true of a statement that it's on Louisiana license plates, marketing materials and more. From deep sea fishing to deer, duck, and even alligator, there's a beast for all seasons. Houma Today wrote a great article on why Louisiana is such an amazing place for the outdoorsman. From fishing in Henderson to crabbing in Rockerfeller Wildlife Refuge, you're never more than a few hours away from the great outdoors.

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