Parents of youths in sport. Y'all need to calm all the way down.


Aishia Peoples, one of the parents charged, told WLWT a West Clermont parent was acting intimidating toward Mariemont during the game.

She said West Clermont won, and words were exchanged between parents, including her, eventually leading up to the moment where she tried to leave and the situation turned into a brawl.

The 911 caller described the scene to dispatchers.

Dispatcher: “How many people are involved?”

Caller: “I don’t know. Ten?”

The 911 caller also told dispatchers a gentleman was seen leaving and walking out of the parking lot screaming “undefeated.”

To give you an idea of the chances of your kid getting into the NBA:

-- NCAA senior players drafted by an NBA team: Less than one in 75, or 1.3 percent.

-- High school senior players eventually drafted by an NBA team: About three in 10,000, or 0.03 percent.

That's roughly the chance of getting four of a kind in the first round of draw poker.

That being said, youth sports are there for your children to learn, make mistakes, learn the value of losing humbly, and winning...well, humbly. You know what negates all of that? When parents do things like this.

I used to referee biddy basketball. The ages were 7-8 year olds to 15-16 year olds. The reason I stopped was because of the parents that were involved. Thankfully I never witnessed something like this, but I could tell it was brewing, and could erupt into a brawl at any moment.

Not to make light of this situation in the least, but can we talk about this guy's entrance skills? Can someone teach me how to do this?

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