A popular Lafayette sushi restaurant announced they will be reopening with stricter COVID-19 guidelines.

Earlier this week, Tsunami Sushi's downtown Lafayette location posted that one of their employees tested positive for COVID-19. Even though the case was isolated, they still took precautions by closing immediately and regrouping to put a better plan in place when it comes to how they would best handle the threat of COVID-19.

After being closed for a few days, Tsunami took to their official Facebook page and shared that they will be reopening tonight but for Friday and Saturday dinner service only. They also announced a "caveat" that aims at better protecting both their customers AND their employees.

I think it's important to note that Tsunami's situation is one we can all learn something from. Maybe "learn" isn't the best word, but I guess my overall point is we are looking at a restaurant that followed ALL the rules from the moment COVID-19 impacted our overall way of life.

They immediately followed the laws and guidance from state leaders by closing their doors. They went above and beyond when it came to their guidelines when it came to curbside service. They even limited the hours when it came to their to-go orders. Once we entered a phase where limited capacity allowed restaurants to reopen, Tsunami remapped their entire dining area with a focus on proper distancing guidelines and even focused on the small details like eliminating tangible menus by offering a QR code instead.

The lesson here is that even if you do everything "right," COVID-19 is still a threat. So, let's continue to control the things we can control and be mindful—not only for the safety of you and your loved ones but for others as well.


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