Tropical Storm Beta has made landfall. The system which forecasters have been watching for quite some time now crossed the coast late last night just north of Port O'Connor Texas. The system will likely be downgraded to a tropical depression by later today.

The legacy of Tropical Storm Beta will not likely be wind, it will more than likely be water. The system as it approached the coast piled up water inundating coastlines from South Louisiana to the middle Texas Coast. The wind and wave action of the storm pushed ocean water into streets and some homes of coastal towns across the Gulf South.

But surging water isn't the only threat from Beta for residents of Texas and Louisiana, flash flooding is the other significant threat from the system. Flash Flood Watches have been posted for all of South Louisiana through Wednesday.

As you can see from the graphic below a large section of the state could experience flooding rains from the remains of the tropical weather system.

The reason for the flooding potential is the slow movement of the system itself. While Beta may be weakening, steering currents will not push the system out of the area until sometime late on Wednesday. That means a significant threat of tropical showers and downpours, some could be heavy, between now and then.


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