Those of us that have lived along the Gulf Coast for more than a few minutes have come to understand that a tropical system doesn't have to be a hurricane or even a tropical storm to make life difficult. Some of the worst damage we've seen in Acadiana has come at the hands of tropical waves, tropical depressions, and unnamed tropical weather entities.

That's why an area disturbed weather in the form of a tropical wave has captured the attention of tropical forecasters and it should be on your radar for the weekend as well. Currently, that tropical wave is represented as a broad area of low pressure spinning in the Western Caribbean Sea.

Over time, that weather feature is expected to migrate westward across the Yucatan Peninsula and into the Bay of Campeche. From there forecasters expect the system to slide northward along the Texas coast toward Louisiana.

It appears as if the biggest threat from this system will be heavy rain. Just how much and when are not exactly nailed down but forecasters do anticipate our best threat of rain in the area to come on Saturday and Sunday.

Depending on the exact track of this system and whether or not it gets better organized will determine just how much rain we should expect and just how great the potential for flash flooding will be. Obviously, those adjustments to our forecast will be worked out over the next several days.


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