An area of showers and thunderstorms that once was thought to have a minimal chance for development has spun up into the Atlantic Hurricane Season's 6th named storm. Tropical Storm Fiona was upgraded from a tropical depression Wednesday.

The current statistics on the storm show a maximum sustained wind of 45 mph. The movement of the system is now west-northwest at 14 mph. The current forecast guidance from the National Hurricane Center is suggesting that Fiona will not be a threat to any coastline in the United States.

Tropical forecast models are predicting that Fiona will gather some strength over the next few days.However the most reliable tracking models show the storm system will take a more northerly turn over the coming hours. This will put the storm in the middle of the Atlantic for its lifetime.

The only land threat from Fiona could be after the system weakens and is swept back into Europe as a prodigious rainmaker.

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