**Update 7:00 AM CDT- The National Hurricane Center has upgraded the status of Tropical Depression six to Tropical Storm. The storm has the name Emily. 

** Update 05:00 CDT- The National Hurricane Center has upgraded this system to Tropical Depression status.

(Original Story)Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are keeping a close eye on an area of disturbed weather in the Gulf of Mexico. This low-pressure system and associated area of showers and thunderstorms were centered about 90 miles west of Tampa Florida early this morning. Conditions in the Gulf of Mexico are marginally conducive for further strengthening.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the system is very close to land and is expected to move to northeast during the day today. That will put this area of convection on shore over the Florida peninsula. This interaction with the land mass should effectively put a halt on any further development in the Gulf of Mexico.

Forecasters with the Hurricane Center have given this area of disturbed weather a 40% probability of developing into a tropical cyclone over the next 5 days. Regardless, the system should not pose a threat to the Louisiana coastline.

Further out in the Atlantic another area of disturbed weather is being monitored for further development. This system is located midway between the Lesser Antilles Islands and the African continent. Forecasters are only giving this system a 10% probability of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next five days.

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