Our media partners at KATC-TV3 are reporting that trick-or-treating will not be allowed this Halloween in Crowley, LA. The news comes as Mayor Tim Monceaux put out a statement regarding Halloween activities amidst COVID-19.

Mayor of Crowley Tim Monceaux put out a statement on what Halloween will look like for Crowley. You can see the full statement from Mayor Tim Monceaux below

As the fall and winter holidays approach, I am looking ahead and starting to think about how we can celebrate without spreading the coronavirus. The harsh reality is that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, as case numbers continue to rise in some places. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its Halloween and trick-or-treating guidelines and, unfortunately, many of our traditional activities are considered high risk. Since many Halloween activities involve interacting with people in one way or another, the CDC is advising that people refrain from engaging in most Halloween activities and advising against traditional trick-or-treating or from trunks of cars lined up in parking lots.


For the safety and well-being of our children and all our citizens, I have decided to heed the recommendation of the CDC and cancel trick-or-treating and Witchy Way in Crowley this year.


There are alternatives to trick-or-treating that the CDC recommends as low-risk activities, such as carving and decorating pumpkins, decorating your home, having a virtual Halloween costume contest, having a Halloween movie night with your family, and a scavenger hunt within your home instead of going house to house.


Please don’t let the coronavirus play a trick on you. The best treat for yourself and your family is to stay home and stay well on Halloween. Please continue to pray for everyone affected by COVID-19.

Sad news for Halloween lovers in Crowley, but Mayor Monceaux is doing what he can to keep people safe and healthy as COVID-19 continues to be an issue in the region.

I hope that people can find a way to safely enjoy Halloween in Crowley as I know there will be many youngsters disappointed that they cannot trick-or-treat this year.


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