This porch pirate may not have known the cameras were rolling, but she definitely put on a show.

Viral video shows a woman in the Houston area running barefoot up to the front porch of a neighborhood home in broad daylight. As the woman rounds the corner she begins to lose her shirt but doesn't miss a step, snatching up the package with her top fully exposed.

The woman dashes back to her vehicle, package in hand, and pulls out of the driveway.

The entire incident was caught on the homeowner's Ring doorbell camera, and the banging sound you hear in the video clip is actually the homeowner trying to scare the porch pirate away.

Harris County authorities say it's something they've never seen before in an incident like this.

She clearly was having a wardrobe problem on the way up. I don’t think I’ve seen one of those.

According to KHOU 11, the woman remains at large but police believe they have a few solid leads.

We’ve got some suspects in mind. We got a pretty clear look at the vehicle and of the person.

Ironically, the package that the topless woman snatched up contained a dress from Nordstrom.

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