After falling in love with Lelia Broussard's song, "Louisiana" I got to thinking about some of the other songs for and about our great state. Now, I admit, I'm a little sentimental sometimes, especially at times like this when we face yet another potential disaster just weeks before hurricane season begins, so bear with me on a couple of these... I have included some favorites that tug on my heart every time I hear them. Here they are:

1. The Saints Are Coming by Green Day and U2

This wasn't on my list until I watched this video again and relived the reopening of the Superdome and the Saints victory over the Falcons. What a great night that was for Louisiana!

2. Louisiana 1927 by Randy Newman

Especially poignant at this time.

3. Born on the Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival

A song about our neck of the woods by a guy from Berkeley, California.

4. New Orleans Ladies by LeRoux

Does anybody else remember watching this on TV and being so excited for them?

5. Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans by Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday

This song took on such meaning to the people who were displaced for so long after Hurricane Katrina.
6. Take a Ride on a Riverboat by LeRoux

Such beautiful imagery and harmonies in this song.
7. Fire on the Bayou

When I was in High School, we actually voted on whether we wanted the Meters or Zebra to play at a dance. Zebra won.
8. The Avenue by Cowboy Mouth

If you think New Orleans is just the French Quarter, you really need to spend some time on St. Charles Avenue.
9. Heart of the Night by Poco

Captures the sweet, sultry soul of a Southern summer night.
10. Goin' Back to Ponchatoula by L'Angelus

I've always loved this band and the fact that they're family.

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