It's just about Christmas party time and this list will help you prepare for Secret Santa.

Let's start by me saying I absolutely love Secret Santa. Every single year around the office I look forward to our Christmas party because I get a chance to, once again, prove that I;m the best Secret Santa buddy there is.

I know that you may be preparing for that company party or family gathering and you might need some help as to what people actually want for Secret Santa. That's why I'm here, to help you out! put out a list of the top ten Secret Santa gifts that are truly worth giving, so I thought I would share their findings with you!



1.  Alcohol.

2.  Chocolate.

3.  A gift card.

4.  A book.

5.  Candles.

6.  Money.

7.  Candy.

8.  Socks.

9.  Perfume or cologne.

10.  Bubble bath.


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