Halloween is a big deal every year, especially when it comes to picking out what you are going to be that night.

Personally, I have never been into Halloween very much, even as a child I wasn’t really excited for October 31 but before you make a face, I get the obsession with it, I do!

Luckily for me my children always seem to want to be a Superhero for Halloween so I don’t have to put too much thought into their costumes. However, I did want to see what costumes were popular this year. So I did what I always do and went to Google to search for the most popular Halloween costumes of 2021.

While there will always be people, mainly me, who search for a witch costume, candy bar costume, or inflatable dinosaur costume, 2021 has given us some great Halloween costume ideas.

Squid Game Masks
Netflix Via YouTube

Trending Halloween costumes:
Squid Game
Britney Spears

102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball - Show
Mike Windle, Getty Images

Trending Halloween baby costumes:
Squid Game
Little Red Riding Hood
Peter Pan
Addams Family

Masquerading Mutts March In Halloween Dog Parade
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Trending Halloween dog costumes:
Squid Game
Race car
While I was playing around on Google’s interactive Halloween site, which is pretty cool if I may say so myself, I noticed that the most searched Halloween costume in Lafayette was a Dragon and the most searched Halloween cocktail in Louisiana is a Vampire Kiss.


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