Gentlemen, please trust me on this one... Just because your wife says you don't have to get her anything for Christmas doesn't mean you shouldn't! A thoughtful gift, no matter how large or small, is what she's really hoping for. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, think back to a special date or occasion you shared and choose something that reminds you of that time in your life. Or something that points toward your future together. There are some items that will totally backfire on you, though, if you're not careful. If you're afraid this might happen to you, read the list below for what NOT to get for her!


    Small Appliances

    Do not give your wife a vacuum cleaner, crock pot, or food processor. And if you do, she has the right to give you a garbage can, rake or car washing bucket. Large appliances like a refrigerator or stove are ok only if you agree that you are giving each other a couple's gift that year, and she doesn't end up buying you a little sussy anyway. (Then you're in trouble.)

  • Lee Celano/Getty Images News
    Lee Celano/Getty Images News


    She might just end up using it on bills or the kids and that's not the point of a gift. Give her something that's just for her. If you just don't know what to buy, a gift certificate to a clothing or gift shop she loves will do.


  • Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport
    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport

    Tickets for Something YOU Want To Go To

    If she's not into basketball, tickets to watch the game are actually a gift to yourself. If you include a nice hotel and a day at the Spa, you're good.


    Weight Loss Products

    As Fred Sanford would say, "You big dummy!" No good can come of this. If it's something she really wants, just buy it for her. Don't make it her Christmas gift.

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    This is the worst possible thing you can do. Even if you agree on the previously mentioned refrigerator, you have to get her a little something. Even if it's just her favorite candy bar and a sentimental card, trust me: you HAVE to get her something.

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