"Google, what do I want for Christmas?"

I wish that wasn't an actual question people are asking Google, but it is. I mean, how does Google know what you want for Christmas if you don't even know what you want for Christmas?

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little worried about people after seeing Google Trends top five most Googled questions. Clearly, people need a lot of help during the holiday season.

  1. "How many days until Christmas?" -- Umm look at a calendar?
  2. "When is Christmas?" -- December 25th ... the same day it is every year.
  3. "What do I want for Christmas?" -- How is Google supposed to know that?
  4. "How to decorate a Christmas tree" -- You put decorations on it...
  5. "How to draw a Christmas tree" -- Ok, this is kind of a legit question I guess.

We need a Christmas miracle is we're going to keep asking Google these kind of questions.

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