Question: what's better than Pizza Artista's new self-serve beer and wine tap? Answer: Getting to do it for half-price. Pizza Artista is this week's Seize The Deal. Get a $25.00 certificate for only $12.50 starting Friday morning at 6am.

Last Week, Jude Walker wrote about the new beverage system that's has Acadiana talking.

Pizza Artista on Johnston Street in Lafayette just got a bit fancy as they've installed a self-serve beer and wine tap.

This new system called iPourIt allows guests the ability to pour their own drinks from the 24 tap kiosk with the simple swap of a wristband.

The wristband is linked to an open tab that allows guests to pour any amount of beer or wine up to a 32-ounce limit. After that limit has been reached, the guest can then request another round at the counter.

There are a total of 20 beers and 4 wines to choose from, with selections changing periodically.

And of course, we all know and love Pizza Artista for their great, fast-fired pizzas that you can custom craft yourself.

Pizza and beer, what a winning combination!


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