Today is my day, y’all. It’s National Drink Wine Day. Held every year on February 18th, we get to celebrate the beverage. Whether you’re a wine drinker with special meals, or you enjoy a nightly glass to unwind after your work day, enjoy some today.

Wine was invented in 7000 BC, but no one is certain who was the first to ferment grapes into the wine according to National Today.  It’s come a long way since then. Now we have hundreds of types of wine produced all over the world.  We even have wine-tasting events and vineyard tours.

Wine is very unique because it’s not consistent. Two bottles of the same wine from the same vineyard might taste totally different depending on the year they produced it. The process of making wine begins with crushing grapes, then they’re pressed and fermented, the mixture is then sealed into barrels, where the mixture is aged and then bottled.

Close-up of four people's hands toasting with wine glasses

According to a survey, 74% of people have one or two glasses, while 9% drink at least five glasses or just finish the entire bottle. 18% of people say merlot is their favorite type of wine, and 16% say zinfandel.  

I love to experiment and try different bottles. I used to really enjoy white wines, but now they give me a horrible headache. A good Cabernet is my favorite.

Take advantage of National Drink Wine Day to try a new bottle today. Cheers!

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