In one corner, we have ‘Titanic,’ which just celebrated its 3D re-release this weekend. Not only did Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s performance as star-crossed lovers launch their careers, but it made ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Celine Dion’s biggest hit and Winslet’s least favorite song ever.

In the other, we have ‘The Notebook,’ another love story where a young working-class man, Ryan Gosling, falls in love with a woman of rich decent, Rachel McAdams. Add in disapproving parents, another suitor as competition, and an old couple reading this story as a framing device and you get one of the most celebrated romances in movie history.

So, which one makes you want to reach for the tissue box more? It’s now time to decide in our poll below which of these movies is the better love story.

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