Iceberg Wall Collapses, Sends Three To Hospital At Titanic Museum
According to reports, an iceberg wall inside of the Titanic attraction in Tennessee collapsed and resulted in three people being taken to the hospital. The exhibit was shut down as owners of the attraction say, "... we never would have expected an incident like this to occur".
Watch Titanic Sink
If you've got the time, you can watch a virtual video of what it was like to actually be on board the RMS Titanic on the fateful night of April 15, 1912.
Are Some Dates, Or Numbers, Really Lucky Or Unlucky?
Friday the 13th.  Why do so many people think that date is unlucky? I can't think of anything horrible that's happened to me on a Friday the 13th.  I started dating the first love of my life on a Friday, the 13th. My first child was born on a Friday the 13th...

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