As you may have heard, our boss has gifted us with time management classes to help us better achieve our goals.  My biggest hurdle yet is considered Time Management 101: making a to-do list.  Our instructor, Jeff, told us that we need to make a list of the 5 most important things that we want to accomplish for the day.

I made that list every day last week, but after a weekend get-away, I got out of the habit.  Yesterday, I didn't have a list, but I did manage to get through the night without waking up and saying "Oh, shucks, I forgot to do (insert task here)".

This morning I Googled "time management list tips", and learned something new: the FIRST 30 minutes of your day should be spent on scheduling your day.

I made a joke about it last week, but it is true:  the first thing on my list should be "Make a List!".  This way, NO TIME is wasted first thing in the morning.  Sometimes I get to 9am and realize that I have done nothing all day.  (When I was in the Army, I had done more before 9am than... well, you know the rest!)

(Via Google)

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